Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016

Bournemouth Exchange

Hi! My name is Lucy and I am from Bournemouth. I have come to Königstein for the English exchange. My school is Bournemouth School for Girls, and myself and the rest of the german exchange students want to thank the school and the families for having us. So far our experience has been amazing and I think every single one of us has benefited from this experience even if we haven’t noticed a change yet! We have learnt how the lessons are different to ours, and we have also gone on trips to see the beautiful country that is Germany!

For Example – Friday:
·         6-15 – Wake up
·         7-00 – Bus to School
·         7-45 – Introduction
·         9-15 – Breakfast Break
·         1-00 – Lunch
·         1-30 – School ends!
·         Afternoon: We visited the „Opel Zoo“.

Overall, I think us students are really looking forward to hosting our exchange partners in March and we want to thank our exchange partners for being really kind and helpful, and for everything that they have done for us so far!

Lucy Heasman, Cynthia Henschel